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Expected Release Date: 2004

Character Played: Michael

Synopsis I: When three friends meet in a restaurant and set out to dream up a movie, they plan on becoming players in the great game of life. Mike has the contacts, Julian has the intellect and Frank – well, Frank has an answer to everything. A minor obstacle is that they haven’t a single original idea between them – until Fate steps in and a myterious and reclusive stranger presents them with his life story. The three men attack the project with more enthusiam than expertise, until a tragic accident changes everything. And suddenly the story they have been pursuing starts mysteriously pursuing them. For friends of black comedys warmly recommended.
© Britspotting

Synopsis II: Made with a budget of £750,000 Deadwood is a black and comic film noir, a tale of three guys who dream of making a movie, of becoming players in the game of life. Then, out of the shadows, comes this weird actor guy who offers them his life story on a plate. Off they set on a journey of adventure, optimism, exploitation and ultimately death!
© Edinburgh Film Festival


Links: IMDb Entry | Official Deadwood Movie site | Electric Theatre (click on Electric Theatre Channel)

Other Info: Deadwood movie stills

18th August 2005: Every frame of Deadwood lost?
A statement of the Official Deadwood Movie site says that:

Have you seen Deadwood?
It's one of those things that simply shouldn't happen. It's literally never happened before.
No one who has heard this story can quite believe it actually took place. But it did.
The entire negative of the feature film now known as Deadwood, not just one scene, or even ninety minutes, but every frame that was shot, has disappeared in mysterious circumstances.
The years of effort, all those hopes and dreams, not to mention all the money that the movie cost to make, all of it has gone for nothing.
Unless you can help.
We keep alive a faint hope that somewhere, someone might still be able to lead us to the one hundred and thirteen cans of film negative, which vanished on or around the 4th of July 2002.
Until now we had to keep the story confidential for legal reasons, but finally we, the filmmakers, can appeal directly for help to try and recover the lost film.
If you know the whereabouts of this material, or know of any information relating to it's disappearance, please contact us at to give us as much information as you can.
Thank you for your help, interest and support.
Donall McCusker (producer) & Simon Ubsdell (director)
8th March 2004: Three Men in a Restaurant = Deadwood
According to the IMDb Three Men in a Restaurant is now known as 'Deadwood' and is scheduled for a 2004 release. Source: