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GOING from a custard pie throwing, baby-faced gangster to a legless cyborg in a sci-fi adaptation of a "shoot-em-up" video game is all in a career's work for Dexter Fletcher.

Born in Bounds Green, before migrating across to Muswell Hill, Fletcher started his career playing Baby Face in vintage kids' flick Bugsy Malone.

Now Fletcher stars in Doom, an all-action film version of the violent video game in which Sarge (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson) and Reaper (Karl Urban) go to the Oldvai Research Station - on Mars - to take on a host of nightmarish creatures threatening earth.

"We went out to Prague for three months and filmed it all there," recalls Dexter, who plays Pinky.

"My character is a strange guy in a wheelchair. I sort of had no bottom half and I was in a remote control chair. It works quite well. It's not usual that you sit down and work all day and someone drives you around.

"The effects are great. It's not the sort of film I normally watch. It's got these real monsters in it, and I turn into a monster."

Fletcher went to Fortismere school - then called Creighton - in Tetherdown, Muswell Hill, where his two nephews Jack and George are studying at the moment.

Although he spent most of his time at the Anna Scher Children's Theatre, in Islington - where he was picked out for the role in Bugsy Malone at the age of nine - he insists his memories of the school are good.

"I used to go to school in Creighton. It was idyllic, always nice to go down the park. I was in Bounds Green and lived there until the age of 11. I moved to Muswell Hill at 17 when I moved out of home."

Of his time at Fortismere, he said: "Most of the time I was not there much. I was always off and doing work. I did a lot of theatre when I was a kid - the Royal Shakespeare Company and things."

He continued: "There's a lot of green in north London. We always used to go and hang about in Alexandra Palace. I miss that side of it. Apart from the shops, Muswell Hill does not seem to have changed that much. It's a bit like a village. I think it's a good place to grow up."

Along his career path Dexter has teamed up with Guy Ritchie for the smash-hit, British film, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, starred in the much loved television series Press Gang and is currently working on a couple of new film projects.

Source: Hornsey & Crouch End Journal
Date: 30th November 2005