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Layer Cake

Premiere: 23rd September 2004 at the Electric Cinema (pictures here)
Premiere: US premiere will be at the Sundance Film Festival

Release Dates: 1st October 2004 (UK)
Release Dates: 25th January 2005 (Austria)
Release Dates: 24th March 2005 (Czech Republic)
Release Dates: 15th April 2005 (USA - limited release)

Character Played: Cody (supporting role)

Synopsis: Layer Cake, a metaphor for the many murky layers of the criminal world, is set in modern day London and features smooth-talking and sophisticated drug dealer "X" whose plan is to quietly bank-roll enough cash to retire young. Operating under the polished veneer of a legitimate businessman, his mantra is to keep a low profile and run a tight operation until it's time to get out. "X" sees his opportunity to make a final score when crime boss, Jimmy Price, asks him to find the wayward daughter of rival crime boss, Eddy Ryder. He agrees to take the seemingly innocuous gig as his opportunity to get out of the business with the blessing from Jimmy Price. From the glitz of the London club scene to the underbelly of its criminal world, a dark, twisted thriller ensues. When a seemingly straight-forward drug deal goes awry, "X" realises he has to break his die-hard rules and turn up the heat, not only to outwit the old regime and come out on top but to save his own skin.
© British Films

Reviews: Empire Magazine | Birmingham Post | The Usher |

Links: IMDb Entry | Official Site | Movie Clips | Variety Article | Article | Indie London Layer Cake features

Other Info: Layer Cake Production Stills & Screen Caps

15th December 2004: Layer Cake US cinema & Sundance Festival release dates
According to IMDb, Layer Cake will be getting a limited release in US cinemas on the 15th of April 2005.

It will also be showing on the following dates at the Sundance Film Festival:
Friday 21st January, 3.00pm
Saturday 22nd January, 8.30am
Sunday 23rd January, 6.00pm
Sunday 23rd January, 9.00pm
Sunday 30th January, 6.30pm
More info available on the official site of the festival.
5th December 2004: Layer Cake to get US premiere at Sundance Festival
Layer Cake is going to get it's US premiere at the Sundance Film Festival which runs from the 20th to the 30th of January 2005.
No word on exact dates and times yet, but I'll keep you posted!

One more international release date btw: ccording to IMDb the film will open in the Czech Republic on the 24th March 2005.
12th November 2004: Layer Cake to be released on Region 2 DVD in February
Layer Cake will be available on Region 2 DVD from the 7th of February 2005. You can pre-order it for £21.99 from here. That seems a bit expensive, but it looks like it's going to be a 2 disc boxset DVD, so hopefully there'll be loads of decent extras :)

ETA 24th November 2004: Narin has kindly emailed me to say that a cheaper, one-disc version is now available to pre-order here. Thanks Narin :)

No news on any international release dates for the film yet, apart from Austria where - according to IMDb - it will be showing from the 25th of January 2005.
25th September 2004: Dexter at the Layer Cake premiere
Click here for pics of Dexter at the Layer Cake premiere.
13th September 2004: Finally, a Layer Cake review that mentions Dexter!
I was getting a bit worried since there has been no mention or sightings of Dexter in any other articles or clips but this article in Screen Daily says:
"...Vaughn throws in Ritchie-esque oddballs, and cameos by familiar faces such as Jason Flemyng and Dexter Fletcher, it’s partly to wrong-foot us (Fletcher in particular is introduced with a smart twist)..."

I, for one, can't wait to see it!
9th September 2004: Layer Cake at Venice Film Festival?
Since it was announced that Layer Cake would premiere at the Venice Film Festival I haven't heard another thing about it being featured there and even though I have scoured the official festival site I cannot find any mention of it. So it looks as if Layer Cake didn't get it's premiere in Venice.
When I find out where it will be shown you will be the first to know :)

Edited 25th September 2004: The premiere was on Thursday the 23rd of September at the Electric Cinema on Portobello Road. Pics are here.
5th September 2004: Free Layer Cake screenings in the UK
Empire Magazine and Vue Cinemas are offering free screenings of Layer Cake around the UK on Tuesday the 21st of September (or Monday the 20th at the London cinema). More info here.

Thanks to Lisa for sending this in :)
3rd September 2004: Layer Cake movie clips
I've found a set of 11 Layer Cake movie clips here (or here). No sign of Dexter in any of them though :(
1st September 2004: First Layer Cake review
Layer Cake: A man (Daniel Craig) who is trying to get out of the gangster business and go straight finds himself plunging straight back in when his boss gives him the job to find the daughter of an acquaintance of his. Meanwhile, an idiot named The Duke, along with his crew, are trying the get rich-quick scheme by selling off millions of stolen Ecstasy pills, so they call on our hero to find a buyer. Unfortunately, the original owner of the stolen pills is very pissed indeed and hires a hitman named Dragan (Who is actually played by a man named Dragan!) to find the leader of the heist and bring him his head. Even more unfortunately, all fingers point to our hero. Oh, and somewhere in the middle, he meets up with the gorgeous Sienna Miller. This was originally supposed to be directed by Guy Ritchie, but he backed out at the last minute, leaving the director's chair open for the producer of Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch, Matthew Vaughn to show us his directorial debut. And I must say, it is a very impressive first. I've never read J.J. Conelly's book, so I can't tell you how faithful it is, but what I can tell you is that if you want to see a really cool gangster comedy with stylish directing, a solid script, and a truckload of drugs and violence, then Layer Cake is for you. When I say violence, I mean V-I-O-L-E-N-C-E! You've got a plates being smashed in people's faces, hot tea poured on people, an iron on the chest, bullets in the head, and a man getting his head smashed in a freezer, plus more goodies I won't mention. While it's not as fun to watch as Lock, Stock or Snatch, or as funny, Vaughn gives us a solid movie that I hope becomes additions to everyone's DVD shelves. Man, do I hope Vaughn gives us more.

11th August 2004: Layer Cake official site and trailer now online
You can now see the trailer for Layer Cake on the official movie site here.
You can also see the trailer at the FHM site here.
31st July 2004: Layer Cake mention in Empire Magazine
Layer Cake gets this small mention in the September issue of Empire Magazine:

20th July 2004: Layer Cake preview at the National Film Theatre & article in Variety
There will be a special preview of Layer Cake at the National Film Theatre in London on the 24th of September. More info here (scroll down: it's the very last entry).

This is an article about Layer Cake which ran in Variety on 18th July:
Vaughn takes the 'Cake'
Matthew Vaughn, producer of Guy Ritchie's first three movies, is young, rich, successful and married to Claudia Schiffer.
No wonder some people are waiting for him to fall flat on his face with his directing debut "Layer Cake."
But his ill-wishers will be disappointed. Although Vaughn, who in person is disarmingly without airs, hadn't even looked down a camera before the first day of shooting, "Layer Cake" is several cuts above your average Britflick.
A twisty London crime thriller about a drug-dealer (Daniel Craig) trying to escape from the underworld, it has enough class and ambition to woo the critics, and enough sex, violence and '80s music to go down nicely with a vat of popcorn on a Friday night.
Sony, which bankrolled the $7 million movie under its old deal with Vaughn and Ritchie's SKA Films, certainly thinks so. It's putting $3.6 million behind the U.K. release in October, and has offered Vaughn a first-look deal as a director and producer through his new company MARV.
"Layer Cake" was originally developed for Ritchie, as a return to his gangster roots after the disaster of "Swept Away." But when Ritchie had second thoughts, Vaughn, bored of producing, saw his chance to direct.
Assuming that Sony would say no, he rallied some of his investors from "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels." He did the storyboards, found the locations, picked half the cast -- and then realized that he had never actually asked Sony to pass. The studio promptly greenlit the movie.
"I was in the most awkward situation where I had raised the money twice," Vaughn says. "Back then I would have preferred to go with my investors. The thing that gave Guy the biggest advantage with 'Lock, Stock' was that he didn't have a studio telling him what to do. I thought, if I fuck up, I would prefer it to be my fuck-up."
But as it turned out, Sony gave him all the rope he wanted. He even sneaked in one big surprise -- an unhappy ending that wasn't in the script, the shooting schedule or even the rushes. Sony execs only found out in the first rough cut.
Vaughn also won the argument to retain the deliberately convoluted plotting of the pic's second act. "I made a promise to the writer not to dumb it down," he says. The result is an intense, personal movie, loaded with angst and dread, totally unlike Ritchie's flashy cartoon capers.
There's no U.S. date yet, but Vaughn would be happy with a modest Sony Classics release. "I'm convinced there will be enough profit from Europe, Australia and particularly Japan that you could lose it all on a big American release," he says.
With he and Ritchie going their separate ways for now, "Layer Cake" will push Vaughn into the spotlight. It's not a prospect he relishes, wary of becoming tabloid fodder.
"I always tried to keep my head down," he says. "But now I've put a fucking big target in the middle of my forehead. I said to Sony I didn't want to do press, but they said, Matthew, if you were the producer of a director who said that, what would you say?"
He's already had one painful experience a couple of years back, when a newspaper revealed that his father was not the actor Robert Vaughn, as he had grown up believing, but the English aristo George De Vere Drummond. He has now taken his real father's name, but professionally he remains Vaughn -- "it took me long enough to get people to return my calls to change it now." The name MARV (his old initials) memorializes that previous identity.
So what's next? "I haven't got a clue," he confesses. Sony is dangling a deal, but his investors are still in the wings. He'd like to build a company, but first wants to continue his apprenticeship as a director. He has looked at 70 projects, but nothing has sparked. One thing's for certain: After "Layer Cake," Vaughn isn't short of options.
6th July 2004: More Layer Cake release date info
It looks like Layer Cake may be getting it's UK release on the 1st of October rather than the 10th September. This new date is listed at IMDb, DVD Times & Shadows on the Wall.
My Celebrity News, SFGate & Sky News mention only an 'October release', with Sky claiming that 'Layer Cake' is only a provisional title...
11th June 2004: LMO record score for Layer Cake
The London Metropolitan Orchestra has recorded the score for Layer Cake and there's more information about the film on their website here.
29th May 2004: Layer Cake update from Empire Magazine
(Click the thumbnail to read the article)

17th May 2004: Layer Cake to premiere at the Venice Film Festival
From "...Matthew Vaughn's much-anticipated Layer Cake will be premiered at the Venice Film Festival in late August.
If the extensive Layer Cake footage I have seen is anything to go by, both the picture and its leads - Sienna (Miller) and Daniel Craig - will be big hits. "

Edited 9th September 2004: [see note]
26th March 2004: Gerrard provides music for 'Layer Cake'
Layer Cake, a thriller that was originally to have been directed by Snatch helmer Guy Ritchie, has been scored by Lisa Gerrard and Ilan Eshkeri. The music was recently recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London with the London Metropolitan Orchestra. The film is a gangster movie starring Daniel Craig, Michael Gambon, Dexter Fletcher and Tom Hardy amongst others. It's directed by Matthew Vaughn, whose previous credtis include producing Snatch and Mean Machine. The film is slated to premiere on 10th September. From
Source: Music From The Movies