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Dexter Fletcher: on the spot

Favourite restaurant?
Spiga on Wardour Street, W1. My mate, Frederico, is the manager there. I first went when it opened a few years ago with an Italian friend and have been going back ever since. And I recommend the buffalo mozzarella followed by chicken, but the pizzas are also excellent.

What's your comfort food?
Raspberry Panna Cotta from Marks & Spencer or a cheesecake.

What would you cook to seduce someone?
I'm a reasonable cook but I don't cook often. I would do a roast chicken or a coq au vin. I've been known to sweeten the missus with a coq au vin.

Favourite bar?
I like the bar at Century on Shaftesbury Avenue. Aside from a glass of red wine I drink mojitos. I recently met the owner Pierre with friends and went there with Jack Davenport who is a member. It's quiet, accessible and nice - not full of people running around and going crazy. A true gents club.

What's your idea of a perfect date?
I've been married now for six years but my idea of a perfect night out with my wife would be to go to the theatre and for dinner afterwards. We like the novelty of Yo! Sushi and trying new places out. As we live in LA, when we're in London it's good to catch up with friends. We've had a few romantic nights out in Mexico. We had a romantic time in Venice on New Year's Eve and went out to St Mark's Square --but I proposed to my wife here in London in the back of a black cab.

What's your worst habit?
It was smoking, but I gave up. And I drink very little so there's not much else. When I'm over here, watching too much television. The TV is rubbish in LA and I love British television.

What are your virtues?
I'm the wrong person to ask about that, surely. Mmm, I take people for what they are and who they are - always take people at face value.

What's your best piece of advice about life?
If you're going to do something commit properly and don't fall through the gaps. It sounds tough and stern but it's helped me turn things around in my life.

What was the most embarrassing moment of your life?
I'm pretty shameless - you have to be in my line of work. Maybe some people would say I should be embarrassed by my choices of work.

What makes you angry?
George Bush. I'm a bit pissed off and scared by the business in Iraq. I can't see how they are a world threat. It makes me angry but I suppose it's also because I don't really understand it either.

What was your last lie and was it a little white lie or a big black lie?
I can't lie to my wife as I'd never get away with it. Apart from smashing windows as a kid and saying it wasn't me I can't remember my last lie.

What do you read in the loo?

How do you exercise?
I go to the gym and run. I take it quite seriously and go regularly to Holmes Place. I was busy travelling and consequently I got fat so I'm busy shedding the pounds still.

How do you chill out and escape?
I turn the box on. That's where that too much television comes in. We go to the beach in LA. I don't really get recognised very much but I was in M&S the other day and a couple of blokes shouted out 'Soap' too me.

Source: Metro
Date: 14th February 2003