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Press Gang

Released: 1989 - 1993 (5 series)

Format: TV Series

Character Played: Spike Thomson

Synopsis: Childrens comedy/drama series which follows the lives of the teenagers who run the 'Junior Gazette', a newspaper for the kids, written by the kids.


Links: IMDb Entry | Unofficial web site | Episode Guide | Press Gang scrapbook

Available Formats:
Series 1 Region 0/2 DVD (click here for info regarding DVD Region problems on this disc)
Series 2 Region 0 DVD

Other Info:
Press Gang Pictures & Screen Caps
Press Gang Wallpaper


Series 1

Series 2

21st July 2005: Press Gang series 4, 5 and a boxset now available to buy or pre-order
The fifth series of Press Gang and a boxset containing all 5 series are now available to pre-order from Play. Series 4 was released on the 6th of June.
7th March 2005: Press Gang series 3 DVD now available to pre-order
The third series of Press Gang is now available to pre-order from Play and Amazon for £14.99 (postage is free from Play, but not from Amazon though). Amazon has the release date as the 11th of April whilst Play lists it as the 25th of April, so it's yet another case of wait and see I suspect.
2nd March 2005: Press Gang Series 3 DVD release details
There's more info on the Network DVD site about the extras and formatting of the third series DVD here.

Number of Discs: 1

The Big Hello • Killer On The Line • Chance Is A Fine Thing • The Last Word Part One • The Last Word Part Two • Holding On

Publicity Image Photo Gallery • Behind-the-Scenes/Continuity Photo Gallery • Killer on the Line script PDF • Chance is a Fine Thing script PDF • Holding On script PDF • Junior Gazette cover PDF • The Press Gang Programme Guide for Series Three

Subtitle: None

Region: 0 / PAL
8th February 2005: Press Gang Series 3 DVD to be released in April
It looks as if the third series of Press Gang is going to be released in April. there is more information here. It's also worth noting that Dexter features in the third series of Soldier Soldier which is mentioned in that article as well.
Thanks to the lovely Lisa at Julia Sawalha Online for that info :)
17th January 2005: Press Gang Series 3 DVD release imminent?
According to some of the folks over at the Press Gang mailing list the third series of Press Gang may only be weeks away from a DVD release.
More info as and when I get it...
8th July 2004: Press Gang Series 2 DVD released
My copy of the second series DVD is apparently winging it's way to me from as we speak (although I'm not holding my breath, the post has been terrible here for weeks!) and it looks as if other suppliers are despatching copies as well.
Screen caps to follow, of course :)
2nd July 2004: Press Gang Series 2 DVD release date changed again?
It now appears that the series 2 DVD may be released on the 12th of July., and all have July 12th listed as the release date, whereas and have July the 5th. still have the 28th of June as the release date, but that seems rather unlikely now (especially since it's July already!)
21st June 2004: Press Gang Series 2 DVD release put back?
It looks as though the release date for the second series DVD may have been put back by a week. now have the 5th of July as the release date, although it looks as though most other suppliers still have the 28th of June. The first DVD was delayed a couple of times so it wouldn't be too much of a surprise if this one wasn't released as early as first anticipated...
Watch this space :)
8th June 2004: Press Gang Series 2 DVD - cheapest price so far...
You can pre-order your copy of the second series for just £12.99 (including UK postage) from Bensons World, they also ship internationally.
Thanks to Jodie for that info :)
7th June 2004: Press Gang Series 2 DVD - lots more extras announced
According to this thread at the Mausoleum Club forums, there are going to be plently of extras on the Series 2 DVD, the list so far is as follows:

1. Audio commentaries on four episodes by Stephen Moffat and Julia Sawalha
2. Previously unaired 'making of' documentary
3. Gag reel
4. Series two trailers
5. PDFs of three original scripts
6. PDF of the original series treatment
7. PDF of Jim Sangster's Press Gang episode guide for both series one and two
8. PDF of issue one of Stephen O'Brien's sought after and out-of-print Press gang fanzine Breakfast at Czars
9. PDFs of some original Junior Gazette covers
10. PDF Contemporary series two fanzine review
25th May 2004: Press Gang Series 2 DVD Commentary - more details
Steven Moffat has confirmed that he and Julia Sawalha have finished recording commentary for 4 episodes from series 2 (Source: Pressgang Mailing List). The lucky 4 are: Breakfast At Czar's, At Last A Dragon, Yesterday's News & The Big Finish?

The release date seems to still be the 28th of June, but what with the commentaries having only just been recorded and Network Video's fairly poor record for actually releasing things on their release date, frankly I'm not holding my breath.
17th May 2004: Press Gang Series 2 DVD Extras - Steven Moffat speaks!
According to Steven Moffat (yes, that Steven Moffat - the writer of Press Gang!) he is about to record commentary for selected episodes of the second series for the DVD. Whether or not this means the release date is going to be put back I don't know, but it's certainly great news anyway!
This is his message from the Press Gang mailing list archives (which are here and if you're a Press Gang fan I highly recommend you join, I get 99% of my Press Gang news from there! - you can also see all the comments and replies to this particular post there, in the May 2004 section):
"...Doing commentaries on selected eps. What kind of things to people like hearing? Did some commentaries for Coupling, didn't think I really hit the spot. Hard to know, from the inside, what people would find interesting."
10th May 2004: Press Gang Series 2 DVD widely available
The second series of Press Gang is now available for pre-order from loads of different places, the cheapest I've found is £14.87 (inclusing postage) from DVDplus.
3rd May 2004: Press Gang Series 2 DVD available to pre-order
You can now pre-order the Press Gang Series 2 DVD from (I haven't found it anywhere else yet, but I'll keep you updated. Please email me if you have any info). According to the site it's released on the 28th of June 2004.
27th April 2004: Press Gang Series 2 DVD to be relased in June?
There are rumours (stemming from this thread in The Mausoleum Club forums) that Network Video plan to release the second series of Press Gang in June.
More info as and when I get it.
6th April 2004: Press Gang DVD Region Free problems
It appears that the Press Gang DVD is only Region Free on disc two (episodes 8-12). The first disc (episodes 1-7) will only play on Region 2 DVD Players. This has been bought to the manufacturers attention but at the moment it appears that they are not going to take any action, so please be warned that unless you have a DVD player that will play Region 2 discs you may have a problem viewing disc one.
4th February 2004: Press Gang DVD released!
It seems that the DVD is finally available (depending on where you ordered it from) and that it is in fact a Region 0, not a Region 2. I received confirmation today that mine has been despatched, so expect screen caps very soon!
26th January 2004: Press Gang DVD release date changed again?
It seems that the release date for the Press Gang DVD may have been put back again *sigh*
According to, and (and those are just the first three I checked) the release date is now the 2nd of February.
No confirmation of this yet from Splash DVD but since it's taken them 3 weeks (so far) to send me a copy of Pirates of the Caribbean, I'm not all that surprised...
14th January 2004: Press Gang DVD release date confirmed
I just received this email from Splash DVD:
"We have just been informed by our suppliers that this item, Press Gang Complete Series 1 (DVD) Cat No 7952102, has a new release date which is 26/01/04."
I've seen different release dates for this in lots of different places but this seems to confirm that it will be available from the 26th of this month.
10th January 2004: Press Gang Region 2 DVD
The first series of Press Gang is being released on region 2 DVD by Network Videos on the 19th or the 26th of January (depending on which retailers you believe!). You can pre-order it for £12.99 (the RRP is £19.99) from Splash DVD. I've pre-ordered my copy and I'll be doing screen caps as soon as I can!

More info about the release, including Steve Moffat's reaction is here.