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Premiered: 2003 Toronto Film Festival

Release Date: 6th August 2004 (US), 27th May 2005 (UK)

Character Played: Patrick Lee McCall (main character)

Synopsis: A lawman fed up with the corruption in Apartheid-era South Africa takes to robbing banks in this gritty crime drama from writer/director Bronwen Hughes. The title Stander refers to Andre Stander (Thomas Jane), an ambitious second-generation policeman whose strategies and experience make him the perfect candidate for commander. But when the privileged Stander is chosen to direct the police force against a brutal, majority-led uprising in Soweto, he becomes so disgusted with his actions that he decides to undermine his own authority as an officer. His means for doing so is to moonlight as a bank robber, partly out of disgust for the force and partly as an adrenalin-fueled act of deception. After pulling more than two dozen heists, Stander is caught -- but it isn't long before he breaks out of jail, and fortified by two hardened-criminal pals, Lee (Dexter Fletcher) and Allan (David Patrick O'Hara), he resumes his anti-authoritarian crime sprees.
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Available Formats: Region 1 DVD

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16th May 2005: UK cinema release date confirmed for Stander
The UK release date for Stander has been confirmed as the 27th of May 2005
Source: Empire Online
3rd November 2004: Stander showing at the Cardiff Screen Festival:
Stander will be showing at the Cardiff Screen Festival at 8.30pm on Sunday the 14th of November.
2nd November 2004: Stander to be released on Region 1 DVD in December:
Stander is going to be released on Region 1 DVD on the 21st of December 2004. You can pre-order your copy here.
2nd August 2004: Stander to have December release in UK:
According to Empire Magazine Stander is going to be released in the UK on the 31st of December 2004.
More international release dates as I get them :)
20th July 2004: Full Stander website launched:
The full official site for Stander has now been launched and includes posters, trailers, cast bios and lots of other cool stuff - go take a look :)
26th June 2004: Stander trailer reviewed by Empire Online:
Here's a review of the trailer (not the film!):
Source: Empire Magazine (August 2004 issue)
28th May 2004: Teaser Trailer for Stander:
You can now watch a teaser trailer for Stander at the official website or here or here.
20th May 2004: Stander to be shown at the Lake Placid Film Festival:
Stander is going to be shown at the Lake Placid Film Festival on the 4th of June.
19th May 2004: Offical Stander website launched:
There is now an official website for Stander, although there is very little content at the moment... looks like it's going to be good though :)
Here's a little promo:
Who is Stander promo

13th May 2004: Stander to be shown at the Seattle Film Festival:
Stander is going to be shown at the Seattle International Film Festival in June. Click here for screening times and to buy tickets or see our diary section.
27th April 2004: Stander's US release date put back?:
It seems that the release date for Stander may have been put back to the 20th of August, with cinemas in LA and NY showing it from the 6th (Sources: & Box Office Prophets). The film was originally set for a June 11th release.
More info as and when I get it...
16th April 2004: Stander to be featured on "Anatomy of a Scene":
Sundance Channel Tuesday, May 25th at 9:00pm: "Anatomy of a Scene: Stander"
This episode examines a scene from Bronwen Hughes' take on the true story of a South African policeman cum bank robber. White police officer Andre Stander suffers a crisis of conscience from his complicity in preserving his country's racist practices in the early 1980s. Instead of quitting his job, Stander defies the authority of which he pretends to be a part - he starts robbing banks during the day and then returns to his own crime scenes to lead the investigations at night. Stander gets caught and is put in prison; after a risky jail break he and his new accomplices become popular anti-heroes.
Stander will be released by Newmarket Films on June 11th. "Anatomy of a Scene: Stander" premieres on May 25th at 9:00pm and also airs on the 28th at 11:30pm, the 29th at 11:30am and 10:45pm, the 30th at 9:00am and 7:30pm and the 31st at 8:30pm.
Source: Yahoo Press Release

More info from the Sundance Channel's website here
25th March 2004: Stander being pushed at movie industry's annual ShoWest convention:
"Executives at NewMarket Films are at ShoWest to push their coming releases, including "Stander," starring Thomas Jane, set for release June 11. "We are the most envied independent film right now because we have NewMarket behind us," said director Bronwen Hughes."
Source: Daily News

You can see the schedule for ShoWest here, it looks like Stander was shown on Monday (22nd of March) evening.

Wireimage pictures of the screening (no Dexter but Thomas Jane and Bronwen Hughes were there) are here
24th March 2004: US Release date confirmed?
It looks like the US release date for Stander is definitely June 11th, it's mentioned in this interview with Thomas Jane in USA Today here.
25th February 2004: Stander to be shown at SXSW Film Festival
Stander will be showing at the South By Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas next month. More info here