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The Times: Dexter Fletcher answers your questions

Dexter Fletcher made his name as a child star in Bugsy Malone and on the TV hit Press Gang. Currently appearing as Jack in When Harry Met Sally at the Theatre Royal Haymarket, here he answers your questions

Have you ever thought about writing or directing? (Tamsyn Roberts, Winchester)
I have written three short films, two of which were directed by my wife, Dalia, and I am currently working on a feature-film script with Jason Flemyng which I plan to direct.

Was becoming a child star in Bugsy Malone, and then Press Gang, a help or a hindrance to the rest of your career? (Sarah Morris, Leeds)
It really cuts both ways. Being well known for something you've done as a child actor can take a long time to move on from, and yet I made Bugsy Malone when I was nine which is 30 years ago and so I have a lot of experience.

Do you still speak to John Martin, the veteran that you played in Band of Brothers? And if so, how's he doing? (J Willis, Alcester)
I haven't talked with John in a while but the last I heard was that after a stroke last year he is now recovering well and is back at home with his wife and family.

You're well know for playing Americans (in Press Gang, Band of Brothers, etc) and I hear you do a pretty decent South African accent in Stander. Are people ever surprised when they hear your real accent? (J Willis, Alcester)
It's a great compliment when people say, "I thought you were American", which does happen to me every now and again.

Which of your acting achievements are you most proud of? (Carly Baudern, Cardiff)
I'm very proud of Stander which will be released later this year and also Layer Cake is a great film. But out of all the work I've done in the past there's a theatre piece that I loved very much - The Impresario of Smyner was a great show in a pub in Islington which restored my faith in acting and I ended up married to the director as well, which was a bonus.

I saw you in Tube Tales, with Denise van Outen, which I really liked. Do you often travel on the tube yourself, and what do you think of London transport? (B. Marshall, Chichester)
I always travel by tube. I don't have a car, just an Oyster card. London Transport is OK most of the time. I like it.

What's Brad Pitt like to work with? (Sally Jacobs, New York)
Sorry sally but I wasn't in Snatch so I have no idea what it's like to work with Brad. Jason Flemyng only says good things about him, but then Jason says nice things about everybody...

You played Charlie Whelan in The Deal. Was it difficult to be a character who is actually alive. Did you worry what he would think of your portrayal? (Jonathan Knight, London)
Charlie was a lot of fun to play and such a character. I didn't worry to much about what he would make of it as we were just actors telling a version of a story. I didn't want to do an impression of Charlie, I just tried and capture what I thought he was like.

Do you get recognised in the street, and if so, how do you handle it? (Jim Lewis, London)
I do get recognised from time to time and I'd be a liar if I said I didn't like it. I really feel it's for your work that people remember you, so that's always satisfying.

Source: The Times
Date: 13th July 2004