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The Secret of Year Six

Premiered: Birmingham Screen Festival

Character Played: Mike (main character)

Synopsis: A story about a story. A story about three boys, a girl, and a gun. Valerie confronts Mike, her schooldays tormentor, at a school reunion, but discovers the truth wasn't as simple as she thought when she hears of a terrible tragedy.


Links: IMDb Entry | Writer Andy Conway | Weblog of Assistant Producer Joe Jabbar | BBC's Year Six page | Screen West Midlands

Other Info: Year Six Pictures

3rd November 2004: Year Six showing at the Cardiff Screen Festival:
The Secret of Year Six will be showing at the Cardiff Screen Festival at 7pm on Thursday the 11th of November.
27th July 2004: The Secret of Year Six confirmed at several film festivals
Andy Conway has kindly emailed me to let me know that Year Six will be playing at 4 film festivals (so far!) this summer: The Portobello Film Festival (in London on Friday the 6th of August at 7pm), the Los Angeles Short Film Festival (September 7th - 13th), the Bite the Mango Film Festival in Bradford and the New York Film and Video Festival (in Los Angeles between 30th September and 11th of October).
The film has been submitted to lots of other festivals, so check back here for updates :)
20th March 2004:

Scans of some promotional material for Year Six that I picked up at the Birmingham Screen Festival:

9th March 2004:
Year Six is definitely showing at the York International Film Festival, this Friday (the 12th) at 10.30pm. More details here (PDF file)
8th March 2004:
I hear that Year Six has been nominated for Best Short Film at the York International Film Festival. There's still no info about this year's festival on the website so I can't confirm this yet... but when I know, you'll know!

Reviews of Year Six from the Birmingham Screen Festival are at the bottom of this page if you haven't seen them yet. Please feel free to add your own review if you managed to catch it.
1st March 2004:
Rumour has it that Year Six has been selected for the York International Film Festival next week. More news as and when I get it...

Also you can now buy tickets online to see Year Six at the UGC in Birmingham this Friday.
23rd February 2004:
Great news! Andy Conway has emailed me to tell me that:

"The Secret of Year Six will premiere at the Birmingham Screen Festival: Friday 5 March, 6pm at UGC Broad Street. It will be showing with five other films from the Digital Shorts scheme.
The screening is billed as "Screen West Midlands: Digital Shorts".
Advance bookings can be made through UGC Box Office: 0870 9070723.
The Birmingham Screen Festival site isn't up yet, but I've heard it will be soon at"

This is really excellent news for me since I just happen to live in Birmingham! I hope some other Dexter fans will be able to make it too...

The BBC have a section for the Birmingham Screen Festival here
13th January 2004:
I emailed the writer of The Secret of Year Six, Andy Conway, over the weekend and he's very kindly sent me some more information about the film:

"We shot the film last summer and it has only just had its final edit. Screen West Midlands are arranging the first showcase of the Digital Shorts films (there are 8 of them) and have yet to tell us when it will happen (supposed to be late January but that looks unlikely now). However, we are arranging to have our own premiere in Birmingham and I'll certainly let you know when that will happen. Dexter has said he will try to come up for one of the screenings but that depends on his schedule.
"The film is 10 minutes long but will not be shown on TV (so far). We will be touring the film festival circuit with it throughout 2004."